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 Statistic  Value  Notes
 2012 Video Game industry Global Revenue  67B  Not sure what this includes.
 2011 Video Game content sales in the US  17B  Including hardware and accessories sales was 24B.
 2011 % of US players > 36 years old  37%  Would be good to know what games those people are playing
 2011 # of gamers in the US  145M The US is the largets market in the world 
 2011 % of gamers in the US which are female  47%  Unclear which games they play
 2011 % market share top selling genera  19%   Action was the top selling video game genera
 2011 % market share top selling genera (PC Only)  28%   Strategy was top, closely followed by casual and role playing
 2010 Console played most by females - wii  80%   Data is old and reflects the introduction of WII,  but women loved wii sports

Other interesting bits
* in 2012 women 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (30%) than boys age 17 or younger (18%) (ESA)
* Graphs below shows that PC Games are tiny part of the market and shrinking, Console games are largest but shrinking in traditional delivery, download and other formats are growing.  This is despite PCs having much larger penetration than other devices.


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