Old School Computer games I have played


     A book from which I made many games      
 First adventure I ever played and finished.
 Notable for a great intro to adventures.
  The only adventure I used a hint to get through it.  Vowed never to do use hints ever again.     Good collecting adventure. Almost finished it.  stuck getting passed the Pink Bull. The best adventure they ever did.  Because the foundation for the King's Quest series.   Finished it. Could not get passed the early boat travelling sequence.  Not a great adventure.  Super ambitious adventure.  Like trying to read 

 Collection type of adventure.  Not as good as Cranston Manor  Really good and funny adventure.  Not as good as the first, but funny.  Ok, new type of graphics.    


 Wing Commander 1        Wing commander 2 

  Doom 2  Doom 3  Ultima