Metagaming concepts is dedicated to my explorations into the video gaming.  The name Metagaming concepts comes from the now defunct company that published the Fantasy Trip and MicroGames in the 70s and 80s.

Spluge Towel ( is comedy text adventure and an experiment in extreme personalization. It asks the question what would happen if game had an intense amount of data about a player - think Facebook details and pictures  Spluge Towel has some graphics and was developed using Inform7. Though a comedy, it is definitely rated "R" and, as the name of the game suggests, is explicit in its personal exposition.  Consequently the game requires a Google Account (Gmail) user name, password and access needs to be granted by the metagamingconcepts administrator as well.  Also each version of the game requires the users to fill out a questionare and submit some pictures so that the game can be tailored. We don't actually pull data from Facebook, it was just an experiment.  The game also comes in a shrink wrapped "buy it in a store" version or downloaded version.  Here is another interesting exploration in extreme personalization, checkout Michelle's Quest.   Update (04/01/13): This game is no longer being produced and is not available for download or purchase.  Please do not send in a questionnaire or pictures.

Death Test (www.deathtestgame.comis turn based space shooter version of rogue / hack.  It is an experiment in turn based multi-player arcade-like games.  Multi-player turned based games are very hard to do in arcade like setting, I personally don't know of any which are successful.   It also has an chaos mode which removes the turn based requirement for comparison. Death Test requires USB Gamepad game pads similar to the ones below, they can be purchased on ebay.  It also comes in a store package version which can be requested at    It was developed in Java and is available for windows and OSX.  Note the picture on the left is from The Fantasy Trip table top game is the inspiration for the game.  However, when its finally released it will have a different cover and will come with the game pads.  Release date: April 2013

Competitive Breakout is a head-to-head version of breakout and an experiment in tweaking.   It asks the question can we alter a perfect game to make it seem the same as the original but also significantly different and more awesome?  There are 100s of Breakout variants but they are all significantly different than the original and many suck.   This is an attempt to change it without it feel like it is changed and make it better.  It does this by creating a head to head competition version of breakout and will only be released in arcade format in a large cabinet.  The goal will be to place the game on location and have it look and feel indistinguishable from the original except for the actual game.  The game is developed in Java.  Release date: August 2013    
Timezone ( is an attempt to bring back an arcade in San Francisco for indie game developers.  The goal is create an awesome arcade with rare and great classics mixed with arcade versions of great indie games.  The name comes from the great arcade from the San Antonio shopping center in Mountain View that Atari used to prototype most of their games.    
4 Player Space War is a four person implementation of the classic space wars game.   It is written using Unity and for those that know arcade games think of it as a combination 4 Player Eliminator and Cinematronics Space War.    
Complete emotional immersion is the near future of gaming using virtual or augmented reality. Oculus VR and Geovector are two interesting companies in this space.    
LGBT Gamer ( are, at this point, notes on minorities and gaming.    

Panos' Manefesto is a description (currently notes) of what I plan to start and how I plan to do it.

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